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Show children where to play, the tools to play with, but not what to approach that encourages a childs natural curiosity, the very foundation of every childs natural learning spectrum. The ethos is about using a child’s natural curiosity to go back to basics with the use of wooden resources, ordinary household items and bric-a-brac. This is the motivation that drives a child in the early years to explore, do, and think for themselves.  

"Take a plastic garage for example. It’s pre-designed, manufactured and the designer has it in mind what they want you to do. You’ve got a little lift that you put your car in, you wind it and up it goes to the first floor, second floor and back down the ramp. The next time you play with it, it still goes up the lift and down the ramp. From the first day you play with it until the 20th, nothing changes. The ramp is set, still the same trajectory. But when you have open-ended resources and loose parts – drain pipes, guttering, cable reels, even bits of cardboard – children create their own garage."

They are designers in their own play. They are the thinkers

Lyndsey Hellyn & Stephanie Bennett, The Curiosity Approach


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